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TEST: test new imrm script

parent f879120a
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -
# Author: Paul McCarthy <>
import os
from fsl.utils.tempdir import tempdir
import fsl.scripts.imrm as imrm
from tests import touch
def test_imrm_usage():
assert imrm.main(['imrm']) != 0
def test_imrm():
# (files present, command, expected)
tests = [
('a.nii', 'a', ''),
('a.nii.gz', 'a', ''),
('a.img a.hdr', 'a', ''),
('a.img', 'a', ''),
('a.hdr', 'a', ''),
('a.nii b.nii', 'a', 'b.nii'),
('a.nii b.nii', 'a b', ''),
('a.nii b.nii', 'a b.nii', ''),
# suffix doesn't have to be correct
('a.nii.gz', 'a.nii', ''),
# files don't exist -> no problem
('a.nii', 'b', 'a.nii'),
for files, command, expected in tests:
with tempdir():
for f in files.split():
print('files', files)
print('command', command)
print('expected', expected)
imrm.main(('imrm ' + command).split())
assert sorted(os.listdir()) == sorted(expected.split())
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