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small updates to changelog

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......@@ -9,10 +9,12 @@ order.
* :class:`.Atlas` classes can now pass ``kwargs`` through to the
:class:`.Image` constructor.
* :class:`.Cache` now implements ``__getitem__`` and ``__setitem__``
* :func:`.image.read_segments` function (monkey-patched into ``nibabel``)
is deprecatedm as it is no longer necessary as of ``nibabel`` 2.2.0.
* The :func:`.image.read_segments` function (monkey-patched into ``nibabel``)
is deprecated, as it is no longer necessary as of ``nibabel`` 2.2.0.
* :func:`.platform.isWidgetAlive` is deprecated in favour of an equivalent
function in the ``fsleyes-widgets`` library.
* ``scipy`` is now explicitly listed as a requirement (this should have been
done in 1.2.1).
......@@ -20,7 +22,8 @@ order.
* Fix to :mod:`` to work with both `nibabel` 2.1.0 and 2.2.0
* The :func:`.image.read_segments` function is only monkey-patched into
``nibabel`` 2.1.0, as it breaks when used with 2.2.0.
1.2.1 (Saturday October 7th 2017)
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