Commit 20166167 authored by Michiel Cottaar's avatar Michiel Cottaar
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OPT: speeds up FileTree updating

Replaces deepcopy with a smarter copy implementation, which only copies the instance attributes.

This is a speedup of about 20x (and yes, the deepcopy was getting annoyingly slow in some of my code).
parent 5792f491
from pathlib import Path, PurePath
from typing import Tuple, Optional, Dict, Any, Set
from copy import deepcopy
from . import parse
import pickle
import json
......@@ -224,7 +223,7 @@ class FileTree(object):
Setting a variable to None will cause the variable to be unset
:return: New FileTree with same templates for directory names and filenames, but updated variables
new_tree = deepcopy(self)
new_tree = self.copy()
set_tree = new_tree
while set_parent and set_tree.parent is not None:
set_tree = set_tree.parent
......@@ -308,7 +307,6 @@ class FileTree(object):
as_dict = json.load(f)
return from_dict(as_dict)
def defines(self, short_names, error=False):
Checks whether templates are defined for all the `short_names`
......@@ -372,7 +370,7 @@ class FileTree(object):
:return: The resulting tree will have empty `variables` dictionaries and updated templates
new_tree = deepcopy(self)
new_tree = self.copy()
to_update = new_tree
while to_update.parent is not None:
to_update = to_update.parent
......@@ -393,6 +391,39 @@ class FileTree(object):
self.variables = {}
def copy(self, ):
Copies the FileTree
Copies the templates, variables, sub_trees, and parent
:return: a copy of the FileTree
return self._copy()
def _copy(self, new_parent=None, new_sub_tree=None):
Helper function for copying a FileTree
if new_sub_tree is None:
new_sub_tree = (None, None)
new_copy = type(self)(
new_copy.sub_trees = {name: new_sub_tree[1] if new_sub_tree[0] == name else tree._copy(new_parent=new_copy)
for name, tree in self.sub_trees.items()}
if self.parent is not None and new_parent is None:
for my_key, ref_tree in self.parent.sub_trees.items():
if self is ref_tree:
raise ValueError(f"Sub-tree {self} not found in parent tree")
new_copy._parent = self.parent._copy(new_sub_tree=(my_key, new_copy))
return new_copy
def read(cls, tree_name: str, directory='.', partial_fill=False, **variables) -> "FileTree":
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