Commit 2d0249c1 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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RF,BF: New asarray option to query method which defaults to false - query will

default to returning a flat list of matches. subtree-related fixes to scan
parent d7917456
......@@ -189,21 +189,27 @@ class FileTreeQuery(object):
return list(self.__shortnamevars.keys())
def query(self, short_name, **variables):
def query(self, short_name, asarray=False, **variables):
"""Search for files of the given ``short_name``, which match
the specified ``variables``. All hits are returned for variables
that are unspecified.
:arg short_name: Short name of files to search for.
:arg short_name: Short name of files to search for.
:arg asarray: If ``True``, the relevant :class:`Match` objects are
returned in a in a ND ``numpy.array`` where each
dimension corresponds to a variable for the
``short_name`` in question (as returned by
:meth:`axes`). Otherwise (the default), they are
returned in a list.
All other arguments are assumed to be ``variable=value`` pairs,
used to restrict which matches are returned. All values are returned
for variables that are not specified, or variables which are given a
value of ``'*'``.
:returns: A ``numpy.array`` of ``Match`` objects, with axes
corresponding to the labels returned by the :meth:`axes`
:returns: A list of ``Match`` objects, (or a ``numpy.array`` if
varnames = list(variables.keys())
......@@ -225,7 +231,10 @@ class FileTreeQuery(object):
if val == '*': slc.append(slice(None))
else: slc.extend([np.newaxis, varidxs[var][val]])
return matcharray[tuple(slc)]
result = matcharray[tuple(slc)]
if asarray: return result
else: return [m for m in result.flat if isinstance(m, Match)]
class Match(object):
......@@ -306,8 +315,8 @@ def scan(tree : FileTree) -> List[Match]:
matches.append(Match(filename, template, variables))
for tree_name, sub_tree in tree.sub_trees:
for tree_name, sub_tree in tree.sub_trees.items():
return matches
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