Commit 412dba34 authored by Martin Craig's avatar Martin Craig
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OOPS: Accidentally committed incomplete merge

parent 6b10281d
......@@ -624,21 +624,6 @@ class _FileOrThing(object):
setattr(wrapped, '_fot_prefixes', prefixes)
# Call the function
<<<<<<< HEAD
result = func(*args, **kwargs)
# make a _Reults object to store
# the output. If we are decorating
# another _FileOrThing, the
# results will get merged together
# into a single _Results dict.
if not isinstance(result, _FileOrThing._Results):
result = _FileOrThing._Results(result)
# Load the LOADed outputs
for oname, ofile in outfiles.items():
if op.exists(ofile): result[oname] = self.__load(ofile)
result = func(*args, **kwargs)
......@@ -650,7 +635,6 @@ class _FileOrThing(object):
delattr(wrapped, '_fot_workdir')
delattr(wrapped, '_fot_outprefix')
delattr(wrapped, '_fot_prefixes')
>>>>>>> enh/wrappers
return self.__generateResult(
td, result, outprefix, outfiles, prefixes)
......@@ -766,12 +750,7 @@ class _FileOrThing(object):
isprefixed = (prefix is not None and
<<<<<<< HEAD
if val is None:
allargs.pop(name, None)
if not (isprefixed or name in things):
>>>>>>> enh/wrappers
# Prefixed output files may only
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