Commit 479c4edc authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy
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Voxelwise EV unit tests for featdesign

parent c9405523
......@@ -76,10 +76,17 @@ Second level cope?.feats:
import os.path as op
import os
import os.path as op
import itertools as it
import glob
import shutil
import numpy as np
import pytest
import tests
import as fslimage
import as featdesign
import as featanalysis
......@@ -88,7 +95,7 @@ datadir = op.join(op.dirname(__file__), 'testdata', 'test_feat')
def test_FeatFSFDesign():
def test_FEATFSFDesign():
featdirs = ['1stlevel_1.feat', '1stlevel_2.feat', '1stlevel_3.feat',
'2ndlevel_1.gfeat', '2ndlevel_2.gfeat']
......@@ -119,6 +126,57 @@ def test_FeatFSFDesign():
assert des.getDesign((10, 10, 3)).shape == shape
def test_FEATFSFDesign_firstLevelVoxelwiseEV(seed):
template = op.join(datadir, '1stlevel_2.feat')
with tests.testdir() as testdir:
# Set up some test data - we make
# a copy of the feat directory,
# and generate some dummy data for
# the voxelwise EVs.
featdir = op.join(testdir, '1stlevel_2.feat')
shape = (64, 64, 5)
timepoints = 45
shutil.copytree(template, featdir)
voxFiles = list(it.chain(
glob.glob(op.join(featdir, 'designVoxelwiseEV*nii.gz')),
glob.glob(op.join(featdir, 'InputConfoundEV*nii.gz'))))
for i, vf in enumerate(voxFiles):
# Each voxel contains range(i, i + timepoints),
# offset by the flattened voxel index
data = np.meshgrid(*[range(s) for s in shape], indexing='ij')
data = np.ravel_multi_index(data, shape)
data = data.reshape(list(shape) + [1]).repeat(timepoints, axis=3)
data[..., :] += range(i, i + timepoints)
# Now load the design, and make sure that
# the voxel EVs are filled correctly
design = featdesign.FEATFSFDesign(featdir)
voxevIdxs = [ev.index for ev in design.getEVs()
if isinstance(ev, (featdesign.VoxelwiseEV,
randVoxels = np.vstack([np.random.randint(0, s, 10) for s in shape]).T
for voxel in randVoxels:
voxel = [int(v) for v in voxel]
offset = np.ravel_multi_index(voxel, shape)
matrix = design.getDesign(voxel)
for i, evidx in enumerate(voxevIdxs):
expect = np.arange(i, i + 45) + offset
assert np.all(np.isclose(matrix[:, evidx], expect))
def test_getFirstLevelEVs_1():
featdir = op.join(datadir, '1stlevel_1.feat')
settings = featanalysis.loadSettings(featdir)
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