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RF: Minor refactor

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#!/usr/bin/env python
# - The fsl.utils.image package
# Author: Paul McCarthy <>
"""The :mod:`fsl.utils.image` oackage contains algorithms and utilities for
manipulating and working with :class:`.Image` objects.
The following modules are available:
.. autosumary::
......@@ -32,10 +32,10 @@ def resampleToPixdims(image, newPixdims, **kwargs):
:arg image: :class:`.Image` to resample
:arg pixdims: New voxel dimensions to resample ``image`` to.
oldShape = image.shape
oldPixdims = image.pixdim
fac = [o / float(n) for o, n in zip(oldPixdims, newPixdims)]
newShape = [p * f for p, f in zip(oldShape, fac)]
newPixdims = np.array(newPixdims)
oldShape = np.array(image.shape)
oldPixdims = np.array(image.pixdim)
newShape = oldShape * (oldPixdims / newPixdims)
return resample(image, newShape, **kwargs)
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