Commit 5544712a authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy
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Adjusted platform SSH session detection. Now there is a separate property for

VNC-like environments.
parent 045b521f
......@@ -146,6 +146,7 @@ class Platform(notifier.Notifier):
self.isWidgetAlive = isWidgetAlive
self.__inSSHSession = False
self.__inVNCSession = False
self.__glVersion = None
self.__glRenderer = None
self.__glIsSoftware = None
......@@ -163,17 +164,14 @@ class Platform(notifier.Notifier):
except ImportError:
self.__canHaveGui = False
# If one of the SSH_/VNC environment
# variables is set, then we're probably
# running over SSH/VNC.
sshVars = ['SSH_CLIENT', 'SSH_TTY']
# If one of the SSH_ environment
# variables is set, and we're
# not running in a VNC session,
# then we're probably running
# over SSH.
inSSH = 'SSH_CLIENT' in os.environ or \
'SSH_TTY' in os.environ
inVNC = 'VNCDESKTOP' in os.environ
self.__inSSHSession = inSSH and not inVNC
self.__inSSHSession = any(s in os.environ for s in sshVars)
self.__inVNCSession = any(v in os.environ for v in vncVars)
......@@ -220,6 +218,19 @@ class Platform(notifier.Notifier):
return self.__inSSHSession
def inVNCSession(self):
"""``True`` if this application is running over a VNC (or similar)
session, ``False`` otherwise. Currently, the following remote desktop
environments are detected:
- x2go
- NoMachine
return self.__inVNCSession
def wxPlatform(self):
"""One of :data:`WX_UNKNOWN`, :data:`WX_MAC_COCOA`,
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