Commit 559e5188 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy
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Fixes and tweaks to volumelabels and fixlabels modules

parent b82b4c40
......@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ def saveLabelFile(allLabels,
# The first line - the melodic directory name
if dirname is not None:
# A line for each component
for i, labels in enumerate(allLabels):
......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@
manage labels associated with the volumes of an :class:`.Image`. This class
is primarily used for managing component classifications of a
See also the :func:`.fixlabels` module for loading/saving melodic label files.
......@@ -22,7 +24,8 @@ log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class VolumeLabels(notifier.Notifier):
"""The ``VolumeLabels`` class is a convenience class for managing a
collection of classification labels fgor the volumes of an :class:`.Image`.
collection of classification labels for the volumes of an :class:`.Image`.
The ``VolumeLabels`` class refers to *volumes* as *components*, because
it was originally written to manage classification labels associated wirh
the components of a Melodic analysis.
......@@ -230,8 +233,12 @@ class VolumeLabels(notifier.Notifier):
comps .remove(component)
self.__components[label] = comps
self.__labels[ component] = labels
if len(comps) == 0:
self.__components.pop(label, None)
self.__components[label] = comps
self.__labels[component] = labels
log.debug('Label removed from component: {} <-> {}'.format(component,
......@@ -273,12 +280,12 @@ class VolumeLabels(notifier.Notifier):
def addComponent(self, label, component):
"""Adds the given label to the given component. """
self.addLabel(component, label)
return self.addLabel(component, label)
def removeComponent(self, label, component, notify=True):
"""Removes the given label from the given component. """
self.removeLabel(component, label, notify)
return self.removeLabel(component, label, notify)
def clearComponents(self, label):
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