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TEST: Test vest convert scripts

parent d878d612
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -
# Author: Paul McCarthy <>
import numpy as np
import as fslvest
import fsl.scripts.Text2Vest as Text2Vest
import fsl.scripts.Vest2Text as Vest2Text
from tests import tempdir
def test_usage():
assert Vest2Text.main([]) == 0
assert Text2Vest.main([]) == 0
def test_Vest2Text():
with tempdir():
data = np.random.random((20, 10))
vest = fslvest.generateVest(data)
with open('data.vest', 'wt') as f:
assert Vest2Text.main(['data.vest', 'data.txt']) == 0
got = np.loadtxt('data.txt')
assert np.all(np.isclose(data, got))
def test_Text2Vest():
with tempdir():
data = np.random.random((20, 10))
np.savetxt('data.txt', data)
assert Text2Vest.main(['data.txt', 'data.vest']) == 0
got = fslvest.loadVestFile('data.vest', ignoreHeader=False)
assert np.all(np.isclose(data, got))
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