Commit 6a743aa1 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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TEST: Test case for fot submit behaviour

parent 4026cbba
......@@ -584,6 +584,37 @@ def test_fileOrThing_chained_outprefix():
assert np.all(res['out_array'] == exparr)
def test_fileOrThing_submit():
@wutils.fileOrImage('input', 'output')
def func(input, output, submit=False):
if submit:
return 'submitted!'
img = nib.load(input)
img = nib.nifti1.Nifti1Image(np.asanyarray(img.dataobj) * 2, np.eye(4)), output)
with tempdir.tempdir() as td:
img = nib.nifti1.Nifti1Image(np.array([[1, 2], [3, 4]]), np.eye(4))
exp = np.asanyarray(img.dataobj) * 2, 'input.nii.gz')
result = func(img, wutils.LOAD)
assert np.all(np.asanyarray(result['output'].dataobj) == exp)
assert func('input.nii.gz', 'output.nii.gz', submit=True) == 'submitted!'
with pytest.raises(ValueError):
func(img, wutils.LOAD, submit=True)
with pytest.raises(ValueError):
func(img, 'output.nii.gz', submit=True)
with pytest.raises(ValueError):
func('input.nii.gz', wutils.LOAD, submit=True)
def test_cmdwrapper():
def func(a, b):
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