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DOC: Changelog [skip ci]

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......@@ -2,6 +2,29 @@ This document contains the ``fslpy`` release history in reverse chronological
3.5.0 (Under development)
* New ``fsl_anat.tree``, for use with the :mod:`.filetree` package (!264).
* New :func:`.fsl_prepare_fieldmap` wrapper function (!265).
* The :class:`.fslmaths` wrapper now supports the ``fslmaths -s`` option
via the :meth:`.fslmaths.smooth` method (!271).
* Windows/WSL-specific workaround to the :func:`` function to
avoid console windows from popping up, when used from a graphical program
3.4.0 (Tuesday 20th October 2020)
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