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......@@ -13,6 +13,18 @@ For example, you can call BET like so::
from fsl.wrappers import bet
bet('struct', 'struct_brain')
If you would like a command to be submitted as a cluster job, all wrappers
accept a ``submit`` keyword argument, which may be given a value of ``True``
indicating that the job should be submitted with default settings, or a
dictionary with submission settings::
from fsl.wrappers import fnirt
fnirt('srf', 'ref', 'out', submit=True)
fnirt('srf', 'ref', 'out', submit={'queue' : 'long.q', 'ram' : '4GB'})
See the :mod:`.fslsub` module for more details.
Most of these wrapper functions strive to provide an interface which is as
close as possible to the underlying command-line tool. Most functions use
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