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ENH: New resample_image script

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#!/usr/bin/env python
# - Script to resample an image
# Author: Paul McCarthy <>
"""This module defines the ``resample_image`` script, for resampling
a NIfTI image.
import textwrap as tw
import sys
import argparse
import numpy as np
import fsl.utils.parse_data as parse_data
import fsl.utils.image.resample as resample
import as fslimage
ARGS = {
'input' : ('input',),
'output' : ('output',),
'shape' : ('-s', '--shape'),
'dim' : ('-d', '--dim'),
'reference' : ('-r', '--reference'),
'interp' : ('-i', '--interp'),
'origin' : ('-o', '--origin'),
'dtype' : ('-dt', '--dtype'),
'smooth' : ('-n', '--nosmooth')}
OPTS = {
'input' : dict(type=parse_data.Image),
'output' : dict(type=parse_data.ImageOut),
'reference' : dict(type=parse_data.Image, metavar='IMAGE'),
'shape' : dict(type=int, nargs=3, metavar=('X', 'Y', 'Z')),
'dim' : dict(type=float, nargs=3, metavar=('X', 'Y', 'Z')),
'interp' : dict(choices=('nearest', 'linear', 'cubic'),
'origin' : dict(choices=('centre', 'corner'), default='centre'),
'dtype' : dict(choices=('char', 'short', 'int', 'float', 'double')),
'smooth' : dict(dest='smooth', action='store_false')}
'input' : 'Input image',
'output' : 'Output image',
'shape' : 'Output shape',
'dim' : 'Output voxel dimensions',
'reference' : 'Resample input to the space of this reference image'
'(overrides --origin)',
'interp' : 'Interpolation (default: linear)',
'origin' : 'Resampling origin (default: centre)',
'dtype' : 'Data type (default: data type of input image)',
'smooth' : 'Do not smooth image when downsampling'}
DESC = tw.dedent("""
Resample an image to different dimensions.
DEST_DESC = tw.dedent("""
Specify the resampling destination space using one of the following
options. Note that the --reference option will cause the field-of-view
of the input image to be changed to that of the reference image.
USAGE = 'resample_image (--shape|--dim|--reference) [options] input output'
INTERPS = {'nearest' : 0,
'linear' : 1,
'cubic' : 3}
DTYPES = {'char' : np.uint8,
'short' : np.int16,
'int' : np.int32,
'float' : np.float32,
'double' : np.float64}
def parseArgs(argv):
"""Parses command-line arguments.
:arg argv: Sequence of command-line arguments
:returns: An ``argparse.Namespace`` object containing parsed arguments.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog='resample_image',
dest = parser.add_argument_group('Resampling destination', DEST_DESC)
dest = dest.add_mutually_exclusive_group(required=True)
for a in ('input', 'output', 'interp', 'origin',
'dtype', 'smooth'):
parser.add_argument(*ARGS[a], help=HELPS[a], **OPTS[a])
for a in ('shape', 'dim', 'reference'):
dest.add_argument(*ARGS[a], help=HELPS[a], **OPTS[a])
args = parser.parse_args(argv)
args.interp = INTERPS[ args.interp]
args.dtype = DTYPES.get(args.dtype, args.input.dtype)
return args
def main(argv=None):
"""Entry point for ``resample_image``. Parses arguments, resamples the
input image, and saves it to the specified output file.
:arg argv: Sequence of command-line arguments. If not provided, taken
from ``sys.argv``.
if argv is None:
argv = sys.argv[1:]
args = parseArgs(argv)
reskwargs = {
'dtype' : args.dtype,
'order' : args.interp,
'smooth' : args.smooth,
'origin' : args.origin}
# One of these is guaranteed to be set
if args.shape is not None:
func = resample.resample
resargs = (args.input, args.shape)
elif args.dim is not None:
func = resample.resampleToPixdims
resargs = (args.input, args.dim)
elif args.reference is not None:
func = resample.resampleToReference
resargs = (args.input, args.reference)
resampled, xform = func(*resargs, **reskwargs)
if args.reference is None:
hdr = args.input.header
hdr = args.reference.header
xform = None
resampled = fslimage.Image(resampled, xform=xform, header=hdr)
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':
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