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'fsl' is now a namespace package - removed This is so I can use

the fsl namespace in other projects. This breaks python 2 support, but can be
fixed by touching fsl/
parent 0e2f5e88
#!/usr/bin/env python
# - The fslpy library.
# Author: Paul McCarthy <>
"""The :mod:`fsl` package is a library which contains convenience classes
and functions for use by FSL python tools. It is broadly split into the
following sub-packages:
.. autosummary::
.. note:: The ``fslpy`` version number (currently |version|) is set in a
single place - the :mod:`fsl.version` module.
import fsl.version
__version__ = fsl.version.__version__
"""The current ``fslpy`` version number. This information is stored in the
:mod:`fsl.version` module.
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