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......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ which amongst others refers to
Example pipeline
A very simple pipeline to run BET on every subject can start with a simply FileTree like
A very simple pipeline to run BET on every subject can start with a FileTree like
......@@ -200,6 +200,12 @@ Assuming that the input T1w's already exist, we can then simply run BET for ever
# make_dir=True ensures that the output directory containing the "bet_output" actually exists
bet(input=T1w_tree.get('T1w'), output=T1w_tree.get('bet_output', make_dir=True), mask=True)
Useful tips
Changing directory structure
If later on in our input files change, because for some subjects we added a second session, we could keep our script
and simply update the FileTree:
......@@ -246,6 +252,9 @@ even though we don't explicitly reference these in the script.
The reason for this is that each directory and filename template must have a unique short name and
in this case the default short names (respectively, "{subject}" and "[ses-{session}]") would not have been unique.
Output "basenames"
Some tools like FSL's FAST produce many output files. Rather than entering all
of these files in our FileTree by hand you can include them all at once by including `Sub-trees`_:
......@@ -276,6 +285,35 @@ Within the script we can generate the fast output by running
The output files will be available as `T1w_tree.get('segment/<variable name>')`, where `<variable name>` is one
of the short variable names defined in the
`FAST FileTree <>`_.
Running a pipeline on a subset of participants/sessions/runs
Suppose you want to run your pipeline on a subset of your data while testing.
You may want to do this if your data has a a hierarchy of variables (e.g. participant, session, run) as in the example below.
sub-{participant}_ses-{session}_run-{run}.feat (feat_dir)
You can update the FileTree with one or more variables before calling `get_all_trees` as follows:
.. code-block:: python
for participant in ("001", "002"):
for t in tree.update(participant=participant, run="1").get_all_trees("feat_dir", glob_vars="all"):
This code will iterate over all sessions that have a run="1" for participants "001" and "002".
__author__ = 'Michiel Cottaar <>'
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