Commit a3c38e7f authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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TEST: Make tests work:

 - hdr now takes priority over img
 - immv/imcp scripts now return exit code rather than raising an error
parent 2c369675
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......@@ -440,12 +440,8 @@ def test_imcp_script_shouldFail(move=False):
cmd = cmd.replace('indir', indir).replace('outdir', outdir)
if move: immv_script.main(imcp_args)
else: imcp_script.main(imcp_args)
assert False
except (RuntimeError, IOError, fslpath.PathError, ImageFileError):
if move: assert immv_script.main(imcp_args) != 0
else: assert imcp_script.main(imcp_args) != 0'chmod u+rwx {}'.format(indir) .split())'chmod u+rwx {}'.format(outdir).split())
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