Commit d822f419 authored by Michiel Cottaar's avatar Michiel Cottaar
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BUG: remove deprecated method

parent fa643260
......@@ -327,17 +327,6 @@ class FileTree(object):
return False
return True
@deprecated(rin='2.4', msg='Use FileTree.defines or FileTree.on_disk instead')
def exists(self, short_names, on_disk=False, error=False, glob_vars=()):
Deprecated in favor of :meth:`on_disk` and :meth:`defines`.
if on_disk:
return self.on_disk(short_names, error=error, glob_vars=glob_vars)
return self.defines(short_names, error=error, glob_vars=glob_vars)
def read(cls, tree_name: str, directory='.', **variables) -> "FileTree":
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