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DOC: Changelog

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......@@ -2,6 +2,42 @@ This document contains the ``fslpy`` release history in reverse chronological
1.9.0 (Under development)
* New :meth:`` property method, for easy access to image data
as a ``numpy`` array.
* New ``log`` option to the :func:`` function, allowing more
fine-grained control over sub-process output streams.
* New :meth:`.Platform.fsldevdir` property, allowing the ``$FSLDEVDIR``
environment variable to be queried/changed.
* :meth:`.Image.ndims` has been renamed to :meth:`.Image.ndim`, to align
more closely with ``numpy`` naming conventions.
* The ``err`` and ``ret`` parameters to the :func:`` function have
been renamed to ``stderr`` and ``exitcode`` respectively.
* The :func:`.runfsl` function will give priority to the ``$FSLDEVDIR``
environment variable if it is set.
* :meth:`.Image.ndims`.
* The ``err`` and ``ret`` parameters to :func:``.
1.8.1 (Friday May 11th 2018)
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