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......@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ order.
* The :class:`.Nifti` and :class:`.Mesh` classes have new methods allowing
arbitrary metadata to be stored with the image, as key-value
pairs. These are provided by a new mixin class, :class:`.Meta`.
* Freesurer geometry files can now be loaded via the :class:`.FreesurferMesh`
* Freesurer surface files and vertex data can now be loaded via the
:class:`.FreesurferMesh` class, in the new :mod:`.freesurfer` module.
* Freesurfer ``mgz`` / ``mgh`` image files can now be loaded via the new
:mod:`.mghimage` module. Internally, these image files are converted to NIFTI
- the :class:`.MGHImage` class derives from the :class:`.Image` class.
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