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MNT: Updates to conda recipe

Paul McCarthy requested to merge (removed):mnt/conda-recipe into master

Hi Istvan,

Would you be able to update the TIRL conda recipe to fix a few small issues for getting TIRL into FSL 6.0.4:

  1. Link to, rather than move, the TIRL data directory from $FSLDIR - the root conda environment will cache the un-tarred TIRL package, and modifying it by removing the data directory can cause conda to complain about it being corrupted.

  2. Do not invoke python or conda from, as there is no guarantee that they are the python/conda commands associated with the environment into which TIRL is being installed. Furthermore, running python -c "import tirl..." may have unintended side effects*. I've replaced your python invocations with sed, and have removed the line which sets up the $TIRLHOME environment variable. From what I could see, $TIRLHOME is not actually used anywhere, and it would be easiest if we could just omit it for the time being.

  3. Clean up installed data in the script.

  4. Renamed the conda-recipies directory, to get rid of the typo in the name.


*For example: . As an aside, I would suggest that you use the built-in tempfile module, rather than hard-coding /tmp/TIRLTWD, because the temporary directory is not guaranteed to be located at /tmp/, so this call may not succceed in all environments.

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