Commit 211858f3 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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Adjusted gifti.relatedFiles function - now accepts suffixes

parent 28787feb
......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ class GiftiMesh(fslmesh.Mesh):
if loadAll:
nvertices = vertices.shape[0]
surfFiles = relatedFiles(infile, 'surf')
surfFiles = relatedFiles(infile, ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS)
for sfile in surfFiles:
......@@ -234,22 +234,25 @@ def loadGiftiVertexData(filename):
return gimg, vdata
def relatedFiles(fname, ftype=None):
def relatedFiles(fname, ftypes=None):
"""Given a GIFTI file, returns a list of other GIFTI files in the same
directory which appear to be related with the given one. Files which
share the same prefix are assumed to be related to the given file.
:arg fname: Name of the file to search for related files for
:arg ftype: If provided, only files with a name ``'*.[ftype].gii'`` are
searched for.
:arg ftype: If provided, only files with suffixes in this list are
searched for. Defaults to files which contain vertex data.
if ftypes is None:
ftypes = ['.func.gii', '.shape.gii', '.label.gii', '.time.gii']
# We want to return all files in the same
# directory which have the following name:
# [prefix].*.[type].gii
# [prefix].*[ftype]
# where
# - prefix is the file prefix, and which
......@@ -257,7 +260,8 @@ def relatedFiles(fname, ftype=None):
# - we don't care about the middle
# - type is func, shape, label, time, or `ftype`
# - suffix is func, shape, label, time, or `ftype`
# We determine the unique prefix of the
# given file, and back-up to the most
......@@ -271,15 +275,10 @@ def relatedFiles(fname, ftype=None):
if lastdot == -1:
return []
if ftype is None:
ftypes = ['func', 'shape', 'label', 'time']
ftypes = [ftype]
related = []
for ftype in ftypes:
related += list(glob.glob('{}*.{}.gii'.format(prefix, ftype)))
related += list(glob.glob('{}*{}'.format(prefix, ftype)))
return [r for r in related if r != fname]
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