Commit 39d5f1d7 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy
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Error message can be suppressed with reportIfError context manager

parent fb0e54d8
......@@ -139,9 +139,15 @@ def reportError(title, msg, err):
def reportIfError(title, msg, raiseError=True):
def reportIfError(title, msg, raiseError=True, report=True):
"""A context manager which calls :func:`reportError` if the enclosed code
raises an ``Exception``.
:arg raiseError: If ``True``, the ``Exception`` which was raised is
propagated upwards.
:arg report: Defaults to ``True``. If ``False``, an error message
is logged, but :func:`reportError` is not called.
......@@ -150,21 +156,22 @@ def reportIfError(title, msg, raiseError=True):
log.error('{}: {}'.format(title, msg), exc_info=True)
reportError(title, msg, e)
if report:
reportError(title, msg, e)
if raiseError:
def reportErrorDecorator(title, msg):
"""A decorator which calls :func:`reportError` if the decorated function
raises an ``Exception``.
def reportErrorDecorator(*args, **kwargs):
"""A decorator which wraps the decorated function with
def decorator(func):
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
with reportIfError(title, msg):
func(*args, **kwargs)
def wrapper(*wargs, **wkwargs):
with reportIfError(*args, **kwargs):
func(*wargs, **wkwargs)
return wrapper
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