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ENH: Prototype X5 io module and x5<->flirt converter program.

parent 30a248dc
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -
# Author: Paul McCarthy <>
import os.path as op
import sys
import shutil
import logging
import argparse
import as fslimage
import fsl.utils.transform as transform
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def parseArgs(args):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser('fsl_convert_x5')
subparsers = parser.add_subparsers(dest='ctype')
flirt = subparsers.add_parser('flirt')
flirt.add_argument('-s', '--source')
flirt.add_argument('-r', '--reference')
flirt.add_argument('-if', '--input_format', choices=('x5', 'mat'))
flirt.add_argument('-of', '--output_format', choices=('x5', 'mat'))
args = parser.parse_args(args)
def getfmt(fname):
ext = op.splitext(fname)[1]
if ext not in ('.x5', '.mat'):
raise argparse.ArgumentError('Could not infer format from '
'filename: {}'.format(args.input))
return ext[1:]
if args.ctype == 'flirt':
if args.input_format is None: args.input_format = getfmt(args.input)
if args.output_format is None: args.output_format = getfmt(args.output)
return args
def flirtToX5(args):
src = fslimage.Image(args.source)
ref = fslimage.Image(args.reference)
xform = transform.readFlirt(args.input)
transform.writeFlirtX5(args.output, xform, src, ref)
def X5ToFlirt(args):
xform, src, ref = transform.readFlirtX5(args.input)
xform = transform.toFlirt(xform, src, ref, 'world', 'world')
transform.writeFlirt(xform, args.output)
def main(args=None):
if args is None:
args = sys.argv[1:]
args = parseArgs(args)
ctype = args.ctype
if ctype == 'flirt':
infmt = args.input_format
outfmt = args.output_format
if (infmt, outfmt) == ('x5', 'mat'): X5ToFlirt(args)
elif (infmt, outfmt) == ('mat', 'x5'): flirtToX5(args)
else: shutil.copy(args.input, args.output)
if __name__ == '__main__':
......@@ -25,8 +25,16 @@ from .affine import ( # noqa
from .flirt import ( # noqa
from .x5 import ( # noqa
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -
# Author: Paul McCarthy <>
Functions for reading/writing linear/non-linear FSL transformations from/to
BIDS X5 files.
import json
import numpy as np
import numpy.linalg as npla
import nibabel as nib
import h5py
from . import flirt
def _writeLinearTransform(group, xform):
group.attrs['Type'] = 'linear'
group.create_dataset('Transform', data=xform)
group.create_dataset('Inverse', data=npla.inv(xform))
def _readLinearTransform(group):
if group.attrs['Type'] != 'linear':
raise ValueError('Not a linear transform')
return np.array(group['Transform'])
def _writeLinearMapping(group, img):
group.attrs['Type'] = 'image'
group.attrs['Size'] = img.shape[ :3]
group.attrs['Scales'] = img.pixdim[:3]
mapping = group.create_group('Mapping')
_writeLinearTransform(mapping, img.getAffine('voxel', 'world'))
def _readLinearMapping(group):
import as fslimage
if group.attrs['Type'] != 'image':
raise ValueError('Not an image mapping')
shape = group.attrs['Size']
pixdim = group.attrs['Scales']
xform = _readLinearTransform(group['Mapping'])
hdr = nib.Nifti2Header()
hdr.set_zooms( pixdim)
hdr.set_sform( xform, 'aligned')
return fslimage.Nifti(hdr)
def writeFlirtX5(fname, xform, src, ref):
xform = flirt.fromFlirt(xform, src, ref, 'world', 'world')
with h5py.File(fname, 'w') as f:
f.attrs['Format'] = 'X5'
f.attrs['Version'] = '0.0.1'
f.attrs['Metadata'] = json.dumps({'software' : 'flirt'})
_writeLinearTransform(f, xform)
from_ = f.create_group('/From')
to = f.create_group('/To')
_writeLinearMapping(from_, src)
_writeLinearMapping(to, ref)
def readFlirtX5(fname):
with h5py.File(fname, 'r') as f:
xform = _readLinearTransform(f['/'])
src = _readLinearMapping( f['/From'])
ref = _readLinearMapping( f['/To'])
return xform, src, ref
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