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Simplified rayIntersection method - I was calling trimesh ray_intersects_id

parent a0ae6634
......@@ -263,67 +263,41 @@ class TriangleMesh(object):
return self.__trimesh
def rayIntersection(self, origins, directions, sort=False, vertices=False):
def rayIntersection(self, origins, directions, vertices=False):
"""Calculate the intersection between the mesh, and the rays defined by
``origins`` and ``directions``.
:arg origins: Sequence of ray origins
:arg directions: Sequence of ray directions
:arg sort: By default, the calculated intersection coordinates
are not sorted. If ``sort`` is set to ``True`` will
be sorted according to increasing distance from the
ray origin.
:arg vertices: By default, the returned coordinates are where the
ray intersects with triangles of the mesh. If
``vertices`` is set to ``True``, the returned
coordinates will be the vertices that were nearest
to the ray intersection points.
:returns: A list-of-lists, one for each input ray, containing
the points where the ray intersected the mesh.
:returns: A tuple containing:
- A ``(n, 3)`` array containing the coordinates
where the mesh was intersected by each of the
``n`` rays.
- A ``(n,)`` array containing the indices of the
triangles that were intersected by each of the
``n`` rays.
hits = [[] for o in origins]
trimesh = self.trimesh()
if trimesh is None:
return hits
return np.zeros((0, 3)), np.zeros((0,))
tris, rays, locs = self.trimesh().ray.intersects_id(
tris, rays, locs = trimesh.ray.intersects_id(
# group by input ray
dists = [[] for o in origins]
for tri, ray, loc in zip(tris, rays, locs):
if sort:
dists[ray].append(transform.veclength(loc - origins[ray]))
# returned locations are not
# sorted, so we need to sort
# them by distance from the
# origin
if sort:
for i in range(len(hits)):
rayHits = hits[ i]
rayDists = dists[i]
if len(rayHits) > 0:
rayDists, rayHits = zip(*sorted(zip(rayDists, rayHits)))
hits[ i] = rayHits
dists[i] = rayDists
if vertices:
# sort by ray. I'm Not sure if this is
# needed - does trimesh do it for us?
rayIdxs = np.argsort(rays)
locs = locs[rayIdxs]
tris = tris[rayIdxs]
return hits
return locs, tris
def getBounds(self):
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