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New TriangleMesh method for calculating plane-mesh intersections

parent 03c310d6
......@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ class TriangleMesh(object):
trimesh = self.trimesh()
if trimesh is None:
return np.zeros((0, 3))
return np.zeros((0, 3)), np.zeros((0, )), np.zeros((0, ))
dists, idxs = trimesh.nearest.vertex(points)
verts = self.vertices[idxs, :]
......@@ -330,6 +330,68 @@ class TriangleMesh(object):
return verts, idxs, dists
def planeIntersection(self,
"""Calculate the intersection of this ``TriangleMesh`` with
the plane defined by ``normal`` and ``origin``.
:arg normal: Vector defining the plane orientation
:arg origin: Point defining the plane location
:arg distances: If ``True``, barycentric coordinates for each
intersection line vertex are calculated and returned,
giving their respective distance from the intersected
triangle vertices.
:returns: A tuple containing
- A ``(m, 2, 3)`` array containing ``m`` vertices:
of a set of lines, defining the plane intersection
- A ``(m,)`` array containing the indices of the
``m`` triangles that were intersected.
- (if ``distances is True``) A ``(m, 2, 3)`` arra
containing the barycentric coordinates of each
line vertex with respect to its intersected
trimesh = self.trimesh()
if trimesh is None:
return np.zeros((0, 3)), np.zeros((0, 3))
import trimesh.intersections as tmint
import trimesh.triangles as tmtri
lines, faces = tmint.mesh_plane(
if not distances:
return lines, faces
# Calculate the barycentric coordinates
# (distance from triangle vertices) for
# each intersection line
triangles = self.vertices[self.indices[faces]].repeat(2, axis=0)
points = lines.reshape((-1, 3))
if triangles.size > 0:
dists = tmtri.points_to_barycentric(triangles, points)
dists = dists.reshape((-1, 2, 3))
dists = np.zeros((0, 2, 3))
return lines, faces, dists
def getBounds(self):
"""Returns a tuple of values which define a minimal bounding box that
will contain all vertices in this ``TriangleMesh`` instance. The
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