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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ Connect with us via any of the means below as per your preference and interests
## Open WIN Slack ![slack](../img/icon-slack.png)
## Open WIN Slack ![slack](../../img/icon-slack.png)
Anyone affiliated with a WIN member Department is invited to [join our Slack workspace]( We have channels dedicated to each of the [sharing tools](, the [Open WIN community](, and relevant external and internal [events](
......@@ -33,14 +33,14 @@ The above [slack invite link]( will acce
- [](
- [](
## Open WIN Mailing List ![mail-list](../img/icon-maillist.png)
## Open WIN Mailing List ![mail-list](../../img/icon-maillist.png)
Anyone interested in the Open WIN Community or these resources can join the [WIN Open Neuroimaging mailing list]( *The list is open only to University of Oxford staff and students (requires an SSO login)*. This mailing list is used for open distribution of information. We will also email round-ups of the discussion happening on the [Slack](
## Email the Open WIN Community Coordinator Directly ![mailto](../img/icon-at.png)
## Email the Open WIN Community Coordinator Directly ![mailto](../../img/icon-at.png)
You are very welcome to [email Cassandra Gould van Praag]( directly to discuss any issue relating to open research at WIN, the community, or this repository.
## Comment on the GitHub repository ![github](../img/icon-github.png)
## Comment on the GitHub repository ![github](../../img/icon-github.png)
If you want to report a problem or suggest an enhancement for this repository, we'd love for you to [open an issue]( on out GitHub page.
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