Commit 7fd39ba4 authored by Paul McCarthy's avatar Paul McCarthy 🚵
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ENH: New function in path module - commonBase

parent 4e87cbf9
......@@ -22,12 +22,14 @@ paths.
import os.path as op
import os
import glob
import operator
class PathError(Exception):
......@@ -471,3 +473,27 @@ def uniquePrefix(path):
hits = [h for h in hits if h.startswith(prefix)]
return prefix
def commonBase(paths):
"""Identifies the deepest common base directory shared by all files
in ``paths``.
Raises a :exc:`PathError` if the paths have no common base. This will
never happen for absolute paths (as the base will be e.g. ``'/'``).
depths = [len(p.split(op.sep)) for p in paths]
base = max(zip(depths, paths), key=operator.itemgetter(0))[1]
while True:
base = op.split(base)[0]
if len(base) == 0:
if all([p.startswith(base) for p in paths]):
return base
raise PathError('No common base')
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