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DOC: Address sphinx warnings

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......@@ -343,7 +343,7 @@ class BrainStructure(object):
:param primary: Name of the brain structure (e.g. cortex, thalamus)
:param secondary: Further specification of which part of the brain structure is described (e.g. 'white' or
'pial' for the cortex)
'pial' for the cortex)
:param hemisphere: which hemisphere is the brain structure in ('left', 'right', or 'both')
:param geometry: does the parent object describe the 'volume' or the 'surface'
......@@ -490,4 +490,3 @@ def load(filename, mask_values=(0, np.nan), writable=False) -> Union[DenseCifti,
if writable:
raise ValueError("Can not open NIFTI file in writable mode")
return Cifti.from_image(vol_img, mask_values)
......@@ -168,6 +168,7 @@ def genxwrapper(func, runner):
The following keyword arguments will be intercepted by the wrapper
function, and will *not* be passed to ``func``:
- ``stdout``: Passed to ``runner``. Defaults to ``True``.
- ``stderr``: Passed to ``runner``. Defaults to ``True``.
- ``exitcode``: Passed to ``runner``. Defaults to ``False``.
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