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RF: Output prefix logic now working with chained decorators

parent 898c1f92
......@@ -487,7 +487,8 @@ class _FileOrThing(object):
``_FileOrThing`` decorators can be used with any other decorators
**as long as** they do not manipulate the return value.
**as long as** they do not manipulate the return value, and as long as
the ``_FileOrThing`` decorators are adjacent to each other.
......@@ -576,32 +577,70 @@ class _FileOrThing(object):
func = self.__func
argnames = namedPositionals(func, args)
# If this _FileOrThing is being called
# by another _FileOrThing don't create
# another working directory. We do this
# sneakily, by setting an attribute on
# the wrapped function which stores the
# current working directory.
wrapped = _unwrap(func)
fot_workdir = getattr(wrapped, '_fot_workdir', None)
parent = fot_workdir is None
# Create a tempdir to store any temporary
# input/output things, but don't change
# into it, as file paths passed to the
# function may be relative.
with tempdir.tempdir(changeto=False) as td:
with tempdir.tempdir(changeto=False, override=fot_workdir) as td:
log.debug('Redirecting LOADed outputs to %s', td)
# Replace any things with file names.
# Also get a list of LOAD outputs
args = self.__prepareArgs(td, argnames, args, kwargs)
args = self.__prepareArgs(parent, td, argnames, args, kwargs)
args, kwargs, outprefix, outfiles, prefixes = args
# The prefix/patterns may be
# overridden by a parent FoT
outprefix = getattr(wrapped, '_fot_outprefix', outprefix)
prefixes = getattr(wrapped, '_fot_prefixes', prefixes)
# if there are any other FileOrThings
# in the decorator chain, get them to
# use our working directory, and
# prefixes, instead of creating their
# own.
if parent:
setattr(wrapped, '_fot_workdir', td)
setattr(wrapped, '_fot_outprefix', outprefix)
setattr(wrapped, '_fot_prefixes', prefixes)
# Call the function
result = func(*args, **kwargs)
result = func(*args, **kwargs)
# if we're the top-level FileOrThing
# decorator, remove the attributes we
# added above.
if parent:
delattr(wrapped, '_fot_workdir')
delattr(wrapped, '_fot_outprefix')
delattr(wrapped, '_fot_prefixes')
return self.__generateResult(
td, result, outprefix, outfiles, prefixes)
def __prepareArgs(self, workdir, argnames, args, kwargs):
def __prepareArgs(self, parent, workdir, argnames, args, kwargs):
"""Prepares all input and output arguments to be passed to the
decorated function. Any arguments with a value of :data:`LOAD` are
passed to the ``prepOut`` function specified at :meth:`__init__`.
All other arguments are passed through the ``prepIn`` function.
:arg parent: ``True`` if this ``_FileOrThing`` is the first in a
chain of ``_FileOrThing`` decorators.
:arg workdir: Directory in which all temporary files should be stored.
:arg args: Positional arguments to be passed to the decorated
......@@ -642,6 +681,13 @@ class _FileOrThing(object):
prefix = allargs.get(self.__outprefix, None)
realPrefix = None
# Prefixed outputs are only
# managed by the parent
# _FileOrthing in a chain of
# FoT decorators.
if not parent:
prefix = None
# If so, replace it with a new output
# prefix which will redirect all output
# to the temp dir.
......@@ -670,9 +716,14 @@ class _FileOrThing(object):
fakePrefix = op.join(workdir, prefix)
allargs[self.__outprefix] = fakePrefix
log.debug('Replacing output prefix: %s -> %s',
realPrefix, fakePrefix)
# If the prefix specifies a
# directory, make sure it
# exists (remember that we're
# in a temporary directory)
pdir = op.dirname(fakePrefix)
if pdir != '' and not op.exists(pdir):
......@@ -721,6 +772,8 @@ class _FileOrThing(object):
# Assumed to be an input file
# sequences may be
# accepted for inputs
if isinstance(val, (list, tuple)):
infile = list(val)
for i, v in enumerate(val):
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