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DOC: Query method docs, changed MAtch string repr

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......@@ -148,11 +148,19 @@ class FileTreeQuery(object):
def query(self, short_name, **variables):
"""Search for files of the given ``short_name``, which match
the specified ``variables``.
the specified ``variables``. All hits are returned for variables
that are unspecified.
:arg short_name: Short name of files to search for.
All other arguments are
All other arguments are assumed to be ``variable=value`` pairs,
used to restrict which matches are returned. All values are returned
for variables that are not specified, or variables which are given a
value of ``'*'``.
:returns: A ``numpy.array`` of ``Match`` objects, with axes
corresponding to the labels returned by the :meth:`axes`
varnames = list(variables.keys())
......@@ -260,7 +268,7 @@ class Match(object):
def __repr__(self):
"""Returns a string representation of this ``Match``. """
return 'Match({}) {}'.format(self.filename, self.variables)
return 'Match({})'.format(self.filename)
def __str__(self):
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